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We are a company of developers and designers.

With passion in our hearts and hands on keyboard we believe everyone should have their presence felt in the digital world.

The Rogue Pixxel is a web and media development company. We offer websites, mobile applications, softwares, and media production for small to large scale industries. We are committed to take advantage of the every possible tools available in digital space. We are stationed at Ranchi Jharkhand, INDIA with capabilities to provide our services worldwide.

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Graphics Design in Ranchi

Graphics Design for Aaliya Construction

Logo and Stationary Design for Aaliya Construction, Ranchi

3D Architecture Visualization Rendering in Ranchi

Architectural Walk-through

3D office Visualization of our office premises.

Website Design/Development in Ranchi

Website development for Minj Tour & Travels, Ranchi


Website Design/Development in Ranchi

Website development for Vidyayatan, Ranchi

Vidyayatan is an excellent institution in Ranchi, Jharkhand, providing a platform for NET-aspirants to crack JRF-NET (CSIR), GATE-Life sciences, IIT-JAM, TIFR and PH.D.

Website Design/Development in Ranchi

PRANA Website Development

Website Design & Development for Prana Lounge, Ranchi.

Graphics Design in Ranchi

Logo/Menu Design

Logo & Menu Card Design for Aaron's Kitchen, Ranchi

Video Advertisement Production in Ranchi

Promotional Video

Promotional Video for Fly Kitchen

Website Design/Development in Ranchi

KGBV Website Development

A Simple yet Elegant Website Development for KGBV Lapung.

Graphics Design in Ranchi

Graphics Design for Sanskriti

Logo Design and Business Card Design for Sanskriti Event and Wedding Planners, Ranchi.

3D Architecture Visualization Rendering in Ranchi

Architectural Visualization

3D Visualization of a Modular Kitchen Design.

Graphics Design in Ranchi

Graphics Design

Menu Designs of Sandwich Wala, a new venture of Shawarma Wala, Bhilai

3D Architecture Visualization Rendering in Ranchi

Sahibganj bridge 3d

3D visualization of Sahibganj-Manihari Ganga bridge for N.H.A.I.

Clients Who Trust Us


Internet is the mighty tool or maybe "the pen".

A business that does not have a website is missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Websites make people easier to find your business, as most people always go online and research products and companies before they make a decision.


  • A good website helps you establish credibility as a business.
  • It gives the impression of a larger quality business company.
  • Clearly, there are a lot of small businesses that do not have website. There are various reason for this, but mostly it comes down to the belief that websites are expensive. In truth a website can be built for very little money and is cost-effective for the business. Remember! you don't need a giant hundred pages website, just a simple website that tells people about your company will be enough.

Web Applications

A Web-based application can be used for various purposes such as Inventory management... Web applications replaces the traditional desktop management applications like HR management, billing Softwares and other management softwares.


  • Accessible Anywhere.
    Unlike traditional softwares, Web Applications are accessible anytime, anywhere and via any Device with an Internet connection and a Web Browser.
  • Easily customisable.
    Using web Application we can easily customize interface according to your changing needs and it will be reflected instantly without the need of Installing or updating the application.
  • Easier installation and maintenance.
    With the web-based application installation and maintenance becomes less complicated. Once a new version or upgrade is done by us you can access it straight away and there is no need to upgrade in the PC of each and every system.

Mobile Apps

This is the era of smartphones, just having a live website is not enough for businesses looking to expand.

A recent study showed that 45% of Google searches originate from mobile devices. The exponential growth the mobile devices has given birth to the mobile application development.


The fact is people tend to use their mobile phones and tablets when they look for any information, be it general or specific product/business. Today there is an app for everything from shopping, banking, to news and Information sharing, Your business cannot afford to miss an opportunity to target this half of your audience.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that you need a mobile application.

E - Commerce

Thinking about selling your products or services to an audience from all over the world? E-Commerce is the solution.

E-Commerce syllabus of business to sell products and services online at real-time 24x7.In recent years, E-Commerce has seen the biggest growth in the world Marketplace.


  • E-Commerce is convenient.
    E-Commerce provides freedom to the customers to buy your product and you to manage your Store at anytime from anywhere in the world.
  • E-Commerce can broaden your brand.
    With the ease of maintaining your online store and ROI, you can now increase your range of products for sale bringing in more customers and increasing diversity in the sales.
  • E-Commerce influences purchase decisions.
    Your website will be the showroom where customers can reset the products right for them and with the ability to purchase the product within a few clicks.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the evolution of Traditional marketing , because of the ability of Internet to interact with the audience in real time.

It is a great tool for businesses to grow.


  • Engaging with your customers in every possible platform with minimal effort.
  • Delivering on what you promise helps develop a better relationship, as you can tell your customer on what is to come soon.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a set of rules for website to follow in order to get better ranking in the Google searches thus driving more visits to the site and increasing the audience.
SEO is a marketing outlet that can bring your business more qualified leads and customers.

"SEO makes it easier for people to find you"


Somewhere around 80% - 90% of customer check online reviews before making a purchase, without SEO in place it would be harder for people to find your website and product.

Without a SEO of people will have hard time finding you and when instead find your competitors. SEO brings a business traffic which intense create your brand awareness.

There are over 2500 lakh websites on the Internet, SEO makes you stand out.

Get a

I Need

  • Website
  • Mobile Apps
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Application
  • E.R.P Management


₹ 8,499*

Basic 4 Page HTML Website/ Non Mobile Responsive



No S.E.O.


No C.M.S.

Suitable for: Small Startup/Business Portfolio


₹ 12,999*

Basic 4 Page HTML based Website / Mobile Responsive

1 GB with 50 GB Bandwidth

2 email accounts

No S.E.O.


No C.M.S.

Suitable for: Medium Scale Businesses N.G.O.s Educational Institutions


₹ 17,999*

Dynamic Website with a Small Database

2 GB with 200 GB Bandwidth

5 email accounts


Monthly Analytics

Basic C.M.S.

Suitable for: Businesses requiring moderate content updation Enthusiatic Portfolio


₹ 24,999+*

Lightweight E/Commerce Website1

5 GB with 500 GB Bandwidth

Unlimited Emails (as required)


Monthly Analytics

Full fledged C.M.S.

Suitable for: Big Businesses E-Commerce Online Management systems

*: Prices can vary according to features provided with the website.

1: Payment Gateway charges not included.

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